Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Turkeys,Chickens & Cross Stitch

I have been down sick the last couple of days with a nasty stomach bug. However the time has not been wasted, I pulled out my Sarah Hook cross stitch and got some work done on it. I am so close to a finish with it, I think a few more evenings and it will be complete :)

The turkeys and chickens have been moved to their spot in the new coop. They are just loving all of the room that they have . Next spring I will be building a 24'x24' turkey pen in the backyard as I want to get a few Royal Palm's next Spring.

We ended up with 1 tom and 2 hens with the turkeys. However I was not quite so lucky with the Maran's, I got 2 roosters and 1 hen. 1 of the roster will be going to live with the Americana's as those should all be hens.


  1. Love the stitching and the sentiment!

  2. Thank you Taso :) And thank you for following my blog