Wednesday, July 18, 2012

A Trip to the Ocean

This weekend we took the kids down to the ocean. We went to Old Orchard Beach. 

We stayed for 9 hours and the kids really had the time of their life :) I went a bit camera happy and snapped close to 500 pictures.

We however did all end up with nasty sunburns even though I was diligent about keeping sunblock on everyone.

One reason that I love Old Orchard so much is that they have a nice sized amusement park right there. But boy haven't the prices really gone up. I bought 20 tickets for 24.00, that gave the kids 3 rides each.

Baby Red loved the Carousel however her older brother, Bump, was not so impressed. He loved the Bumper Cars though.

He really enjoyed the Cars and went on 2 times :) Baby Red was not so impressed with them and went back to the Carousel.

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