Tuesday, July 24, 2012

A Freebie and Propagating Blueberries

My neighbor Earl was cleaning out some of the wooded and overgrown areas of his property yesterday and came across this old rabbit hutch. We have no idea just how long it has been sitting there - Earl has lived next to me for 2 years and the man before him never had rabbits that I ever saw.

It is going to take quite a bit of work to get this back into usable shape again. It is quite large - 3 feet wide x 4 1/2 feet long and it is very heavy.

It will be quite a bit shorter when I am finished with it as a good bit of the leg area has begun to rot away.I have some extra concrete blocks laying around that I plan to set it on once I am finished fixing it up.

I have finally gotten around to taking cuttings of my blueberry bushes. It just seems like there is so much that needs to be done here and not much time before snow begins to fly. It is not uncommon to see a good bit of snow on the ground in October.

I took 4 cuttings from each of my 5 plants. I sniped a good 6 inch piece for each of the cuttings.

I then stripped a god bit of the lower leaves off of each cutting. Then I placed each cutting about 2 inches into soil and gave a fairly good watering.

I am not sure how well they will do but even if only 1/2 of them make it that will give me 10 new blueberry plants to put into the ground next year. I plan on keeping them in the house over the winter as I think they will be a bit to tender to deal with our harsh climate here in Maine. I am also interested to see how much they grow before spring right now they are about 4 - 4 1/2 inches tall.


  1. Blueberry cuttings are a brilliant idea, thanks for the share. I know what you mean about so little time before the snow flies. Yikes, but it's so hot here we can only work until about noon before we pass out from the heat.

    1. We are pretty lucky here in Maine - it i only 73 here today and has stayed fairly cool all summer. We did reach the high 80's for a few days last week.