Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Chicken Coop

We are working hard on a new chicken coop for the Maran's, Americana's and turkey's. They are quickly outgrowing their current pen.This one is 5 1/2 feet wide by 18 feet long. It will be divided into 2 pens with nest boxes at each end. The 4x4 posts are the only wood I have bought for this project, my neighbor who is tearing down an old mobile home has gifted me with 2x4's and 2x2's that I will use for this project.

The kids had a blast painting it with some leftover paint that we had under the kitchen sink. It is a very pretty pale green.I still have a good bit of work left to do on, I hope to get the doors put in today and then be able to finish off the nesting box this evening.

The baby bunnies are doing great, they are now 5 days old, in a couple of days I will post some more pictures of them. Cleo's babies are getting so big and will be going off to new homes next week.

Here are 2 little fuzzy Red Eye Whites - they are both doe's.

I just love this little doe - she has such a sweet personality. The little male who looks like her has already found a wonderful home where he will be a pet to two 7 year old twin girls, they are coming to pick him up Tuesday.

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