Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Finished !!!!

     Yeah my little dragons are done, I am so happy with how they turned out. But even better my courses for this semester are done, now I just have to wait for grades to be posted. Next semester will be a bear as I am taking four courses - should be interesting to say the least.
   I am going back to working on the rabbit hutch today - I have 4 does all due between now and the 8th of September and I really need to get them moved to this new hutch right quick like. 

Saturday, August 18, 2012


Momma chicken has finally reappeared with 3 beautiful baby chicks. I am so happy that the fox did not make a meal of her!

I spent a good part of the day reorganizing the rabbit area. I is a work in progress :) I also got the new pen put in place - it becomes way to heavy to lift when it is fully put together.After finals are over I will get back to building on it. I need around 3 more hutches before winter sets in - need to hurry as snow should begin to fall around the end of October.

Cleo is doing great with her brood, I have yet to snap a picture of the wee little one from Cassie's litter.

Friday, August 17, 2012

Rain, Rain, Go Away

    Sorry for not posting soon but it has been such a busy week here. As some of you may know I am a student at University of Maine at Augusta and it has been finals week. I have had two huge papers to write and been trapped in the house due to the rain.

    I have to say though as much as the rain has put a kink in my plans for finishing the rabbit hutch, the garden sure has loved all of this rain that we have been getting. The tomatoes have gone nuts and it looks like we will have a huge harvest of them.

    In other news I am almost finished with my dragon cross stitch. I am about 15 hours into it with maybe another 4 or 5 hours to go. My thread finally arrived in yesterday's mail so I will shortly be getting back to my Salem Sisters project.

    In bunny news Cleo's babies are doing wonderful and the one little black baby that I fostered from Cassie's litter is doing fantastic. I was really surprised as I did not expect the little black kit to make it as it is so much smaller than the kits from Cleo's litter. I will snap some pictures of them today if the rain lets up. We have two does due at the end of the month. Cali is due the 20th and Spotted Momma is due the 30th. I am really excited for both of these litters :)  

Sunday, August 12, 2012

A Change of Stitching

Just wanted to show my new start - it is by Dragon Dreams. I am doing the topmost pattern "Here be Dragons". I ran out of one of the threads I needed for my Salem Sisters so it is currently on hold until the threads arrive. I started it last night and managed to make a good bit of progress. I plan on mounting it on a cute little box that I picked up in Augusta a couple of years ago.

Friday, August 10, 2012

Just Bits and Pieces

Baby Red played with my digital camera yesterday and took this oh so cute photo of herself and her little buddy Moose. She just loves him and she carries him everywhere with her :)

I started work on the second rabbit hutch, for this rabbit hutch I have scavenged wood from the first one that I started building. I have decided for the design layout I want in the rabbit area the first one would have been way to large. This one will be 8 feet long - by 3 feet wide by 46 inches tall. It will have 4 pens that are 2 feet wide by 3 feet long.

This is Bump's ever loyal companion Thunder. He s a Mastiff/ Rottweiler mix. Where Bump can be found rest assured that this boy is not far away. 

Yesterday my new shed got put into place. We had a car that I blew the engine in so it was just sitting in the driveway until I got around to haling it to the scrap yard. Neighbor Earl traded me the car for a very nice 10x10' shed that he built. I am really beginning to like bartering.

This is as far as we managed to get with the rabbit hutch yesterday. Rain set in and cut us a bit short as I was hoping to be able to get all the walls in place. It is raining this morning also - I know the garden can really use the rain but I have so much work to do outside that I really hope the rain does not last long today.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Rabbit Hutch

The rabbit hutch is almost done - it would have been done last night but I measured the door wrong so now I have to trim it down a bit. Moose and Pee Wee have already moved in and seem to be loving it. It's not pretty but it works very well :)
Sadly Cassie lost 2 of her 3 babies - I think that she just was not feeding them . I put the only surviving kit in with Cleo's litter but they are triple the black kit's size so I don't really expect the black kit to make it. I will re-breed her when I re-breed Cleo so that I will have a litter to foster to if need be.

Sunday, August 5, 2012

A Finish and Rabbit Update

I have finally finished Sarah Hook. I must say that I am very please with how it turned out. Now I just have to get my truck fixed so that I can get down to Augusta to get it framed.

The little mystery kit from Cassie's litter turned out to be a tort - not sure if it is a blue tort or a black tort. It looks as though it might have little white toes :)

Fern's litter is doing great, lots of agouti's in this litter but also 3 lightly marked harlequins. Fern is such a wonderful momma :)

Here you can see that Fern is so exited to get scratches on her head. I just love the little harlequin kit that is beside her - I believe that it is a little buck (male). I am pretty sure the other two harlequins are females.

I love to sit and watch the bunnies play. Nothing makes me happier then sitting in my chair outside with a nice cup of coffee and my stitching while watching the babies. 

Speaking of stitching this is a long time UFO - matter of fact I had forgotten that I had even started it :) It is called Salem Sisters II and the designer is Plum Street Samplers.

Friday, August 3, 2012

2 new litters

Cleo had 7 beautiful babies on the 28th of July. There are 5 white's, 1 Agouti and 1 black. I still have not been able to get another red out of her, I am on a hunt for a red male as I love that color.

Cassie had 3 beautiful little babies on the 1st. The two in back look like they will be blacks and I am not quite sure what the one in the front will be as it does not look pink enough to be a white - it seems to have a blueish cast to it.

In other news I only have the doors left until the buck pen is done. Next I will be working on either a new doe pen or grow-out pen - I know that it will be 4 holes but have not decided who will go into it yet. I spent most of the day yesterday drawing up the plans for it and cutting the wood.

In cross stitch news I am almost done with the Sarah Hook that I showed in the last post. I should be able to complete it tonight as I only have 1 small motif on the top to complete. I am not sure what I will pick up next to finish, maybe Nimue's La Pipe.