Friday, August 3, 2012

2 new litters

Cleo had 7 beautiful babies on the 28th of July. There are 5 white's, 1 Agouti and 1 black. I still have not been able to get another red out of her, I am on a hunt for a red male as I love that color.

Cassie had 3 beautiful little babies on the 1st. The two in back look like they will be blacks and I am not quite sure what the one in the front will be as it does not look pink enough to be a white - it seems to have a blueish cast to it.

In other news I only have the doors left until the buck pen is done. Next I will be working on either a new doe pen or grow-out pen - I know that it will be 4 holes but have not decided who will go into it yet. I spent most of the day yesterday drawing up the plans for it and cutting the wood.

In cross stitch news I am almost done with the Sarah Hook that I showed in the last post. I should be able to complete it tonight as I only have 1 small motif on the top to complete. I am not sure what I will pick up next to finish, maybe Nimue's La Pipe.  

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