Friday, July 13, 2012

Baby Update

This is Cali's litter - they will be 1 week old tomorrow. The litter has 4 auouti kits and 4 black kits.

All 8 of these babies are already spoken for. Cali has been a wonderful and attentive momma.I am pretty sure that she is genetically a black rabbit under her California markings. 

This is Spotted Momma's litter, they also will be a week old tomorrow. These babies are also spoken for. She had 5 red eye whites, 2 black spotted , 1 agouti spotted and 1 black. Sadly she killed one of the REW's so she is left with 8 babies.

She is not the best mother, I have kept 2 of her daughters (Pip and Pop) from her last litter that I will be replacing her with. I hope they have better mothering abilities than their mother does.

Fern graced us with 12 beautiful babies yesterday morning. I was lucky enough to be out there while she was having them - quite the experience :) I am pretty sure that the 3 light one will be harlequins. I will know better in 4 or 5 days. 

It also appears as though she may have a couple of blues, agouti's, and blacks in this litter as well. I might be reserving this whole litter for myself. If I do some will be kept as future breeders and others will go to freezer camp.

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