Sunday, July 22, 2012

Two New Does & Some Progress

This doe is 5 months old and is a American Chinchilla. Yesterday at the Athens Family Fun Day I met a breeder a couple of towns over who has a small heard of American Chinchilla's and I was lucky enough to purchase these two doe's.

This is 1/2 sister to the above doe, she is mixed with a California, I just love that she is broken. The man I purchased them from will have a purebred buck for me in about 2 or 3 months. I am hoping that these two does will be a great addition to my meat rabbit program.

I was so proud of my youngest boy yesterday. He marched in the Athens Parade with his Sea Cadet batallion. He looks so grown up in his uniform.

"Bump" is the boy on the very end. He wants to grow up to join the army like his uncle , Bump's older brother who is 15 has plans to sign up with the Air Force when he turns 17. Bump just recently returned from a trip to New Hampshire where he spent 4 days eating and sleeping with the Blue Angel's. He just loved that trip and came home with autographs and so many stories.

The chicken coop is coming right along, I was able to get the top put on the nest box area and frames in the door. I was also able to start on the roof. It still has a ways to go but it is getting there. When the sun goes down a bit I will continue to work on it :)

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