Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Growing Up

The babies are growing up so fast. This is Moose a little Lionhead black tort doe. She is now almost 3 months old. I am really loving how she is growing up, looks like she will have nice size to her even though she was the runt of her litter. She is sister to Pee Wee, they look so different, hard to imagine that they are full siblings.

I really hope that she hits 8 to 9 pounds as an adult. I am working on a large breed Lionhead project. My goal with this project is to have a 9 to 11 pound Lionhead with the nice double mane and full skirting. I receive so many e-mails and calls about people wanting larger lionheads, lots of people in this area want beauty and good meat production.

Pee Wee gets more beautiful every day. I just love the Harlequin color! Pee Wee gives me fits though - one day looking like a female and the next looking like a male. However when I flip Pee Wee the other day I believe that I saw the start of testicles.

I really hope that Pee Wee turns out to be a little boy. Pee Wee and Moose are 1/2 standard Rex and 1/2 Lionhead. I really need Pee Wee to be a boy as I had plans to replace Sir Poops A Lot with him. 

This is White Toes. He is son to Cleo and Bob. White toes carries the Vienna gene. He is 3/4 California and 1/4 lionhead.He is growing out so well, I am loving his development, he will be a future herd sire and replace his daddy Bob.

I am not sure which of his parents carry the Vienna gene , though I am beginning to think that it may very well be his father Bob. When Cleo was bred to Sir Poops A Lot she had no Vienna marked kits but when bred to Bob she had 3 out of 8 Vienna marked kits. I bred Bob to Spotted Momma and she is due on the 6th of this month so I will she if she has any kits with the Vienna markings. To the best of my knowledge she carries no Vienna gene.

This is Sammie. She is the daughter of Fern my Flemish doe and an unknown California buck. I bought fern already bred, Sammie was the only Harlequin marked kit in Fern's litter of 11. Fern is now bred to Sir Poops A Lot who also carries the Harlequin gene so I hope that this go around she has lots of Harlequin marked babies. Fern is due on the 12th of this month. 

Sammie has a beautiful body and should produce some great meat rabbits for me. She is now 3 months old and I will breed her in October to Pee Wee. I can't wait to see what they produce!

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  1. Hi Amy Jo: What beautiful rabbits you have! Love all the different coat color variations--so pretty. Take care, and have a wonderful weekend!