Saturday, July 28, 2012

Rabbit Hutch Makeover

Yesterday I did not get around to making new nest boxes like I had planned - instead I decided to work on the rabbit hutch. Once I started trying to clean it I realized just how bad off it really was.

I decided to get it really clean I was going to have to take a good bit of it apart. Once I started doing that I noticed that some of the wood had begun to rot so I had to cut a few replacement boards.

I have decided instead of using it for a Momma and litter I will divide it into 3 pens that are 2 x 3 and use it to house some of my bucks. It will be the future home of Pee Wee, Moose and Sir Poops A Lot.

I have also decided instead of having plywood for the floor I will have wire. I find that having the rabbits on wire keeps them so much cleaner then if they are on a solid bottom. I have some left over plywood that I will cut into resting boards. 

Just wanted to give you a peek at Fern's litter. 10 of the 12 survived and they are a bit over 2 weeks old. I just removed their nest box yesterday. I added some hay to the cage to prevent little leg being trapped in the wire.

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