Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Raising Rabbits

Moose - 6 week old female Lionhead Cross

Pee Wee - Brother to Moose and largest of litter

     A lot of people have asked me why rabbits.I personally hate plucking a chicken or duck, it is so much easier for me to take 10 minutes and skin out a rabbit than to fuss around forever plucking poultry.Not only are they easier to dress out but their poo makes wonderful fertilizer for my garden, no sitting it on the compost pile waiting for it to cool down.
     Last year I purchased this little trailer and 4 acres with the thought of getting back some of the old ways and maybe living a bit healthier in the process. I come from a very long line of farmer's and I really don't want that to slip away. When I was younger we lived on the family farm for a short while until my great-grandmother passed away. That farm was sold off and our family has nothing to show for it. 
     When I was first looking at purchasing land I went down to Augusta to see if there was anything left of the old farm. Sadly where the farm once sat so grandly there now sits a tidy sub division. So I went further north and was able to get this small amount of land for a very god price. It will be paid off in 4 years :)
     Process here is a bit slow as I am trying to pay this off as quickly as possible. A little bit at a time is my motto. I have my garden in and have started fencing it in. I have bought all of the lumber to build a 12x12 bunny shed to house the rabbits. And out of pallets we have a very nice 8'x16' pig palace that holds Bacon and Porkchop.
     We currently have 5 mix breed chickens (4 hens and a rooster), 3 Maran chickens,1 duck,2 dogs,3 Black Spanish Turkey's, 2 mix breed pigs that will go into the freezer this fall and 9 rabbits with one having a litter of 10 in the nestbox. 

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  1. Congratulations on ALL you have WORKED to accomplish!!! I found you through the Friday blog hop post on tanning and couldn't stop til I learned more about how you started your homestead... We had meat rabbits a few years back. Must agree that they seemed much easier to process than our meat chickens. Mostly the only "homegrown" meat we eat is venison lately...ur gardens can be hit or miss as well. Still love our milk goats but didn't breed them this winter as we had way too much other business and couldn't keep up. I'll check back to see how your farmette grows. Wishing you much success!!!