Wednesday, June 6, 2012

The Lone Duck

           Meet Oreo our lone duck.At the beginning of the Spring this year the neighbor's 2 Pit-bulls got loose and made their way over to our house where they wiped out our flock of ducks. We ended up losing 6 ducks to the dogs. 
    This morning I was looking at Craigslist and at our local tractor supply there will be someone Saturday selling baby ducks.They are Pekings and I was hoping for Muskovies but baby ducks seem pretty hard to find this year, so Pekings it is.
     Meet Bob our California buck. I try to let each of the rabbits have a good 20 to 30 minutes a day of time out of their cage. They have been cooped up the last several days due to nasty weather.Bob is soon to be a first time daddy. I bred him with 2 does a few weeks ago and they are due to kindle on the 9th of this month. Today he is being put with my Rex doe as her litter just turned 4 weeks today.
     My seeds that I bought off of Ebay arrived yesterday. I hope that the rain holds off today so that I can start them. They are herb seeds. I bought White Horehound, Motherwort, Lime Basil, Tri Colour Sage and Bee Balm.They will live in containers for this year as I still have to figure out an area to put my herb garden. I really want it out in the front yard but that is a good ways from the house and I am afraid that it will not get tended to being so far away.

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