Friday, June 8, 2012

Our Little Flock

Our Turkey And Maran Chicks

Some of the mix breed chickens

    Here is our little flock - well all but two hens that have decided to go broody and hide. If it does not rain today I really need to go out and hunt for them. I am pretty sure that they have gone up to the hill to lay.
    The turkey's and Marans are doing great. As you can see they are out growing the grow out pen that I have them in - it is 48 by 48 inches. I need to hurry up and decide where I am going to put the new chicken house and get to building it.Going out 3 to 4 times a day to move the chicks to fresh grass is getting to be a bit much.
    I found a man here in Athens who sells rough cut lumber a lot cheaper then I can buy lumber from Home Depot or Lowes and I don't have to travel 50 miles in my gas guzzling truck to get to Waterville.I need to sit down today and figure out how I want to divide the chickens and how I am going to build the pens. 
    I am really wanting to keep the Maran's away from the other chickens as I do not want my mixed breed rooster to fight with my Maran rooster or for him to breed my Maran hens.I hope by this time next year I will have some baby Maran's to list on Craigslist or in the Uncle Henry's.

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