Thursday, June 28, 2012

Bunny Update

Just a little rabbit update, as you can see I really need to get off of my behind and get out there and clean today. I also need to get some nest boxes filled and ready to be put into cages as I have 3 does that are due on the 6th.

This is Fern, my Flemish/Californian cross. She is due to kindle the 12th of July. The last time I bred her she missed so I am really looking forward to some babies from her this time. She was bred to Sir Poops A Lot, my Flemish/Lop cross.

This is Bob my California buck, he is such a sweetie pie :) He always runs up to the front of his kennel wanting chin rubs.

This is Hershey, a chocolate doe of unknown parentage. I picked her up from the local feed store last month as an 8 week old kit.She will be 4 months old on July 15th, I am really liking her growth. She looks like she will be about 10 pounds full grown. I will get some better photo's of her for my next post.

This is Sir Poops A Lot, he really is much larger then he appears in this photo. He is 6 months old and about 8 pounds.As soon as I can find a nice buck to replace him I will be doing so. He tend to throw all Agouti and REW babies and I was hoping he would have a bit more color in the babies. I really am not a fan of Augouti or REW.
If you notice in this picture his cage is falling apart. I bought several cages from Tractor Supply and they just do not hold up. For 30.00 you would think they would last longer than a couple of months! 

Cleo's babies are doing so good! They are now almost 3 weeks old and I am puling the nest box today.In the next post I will get some close ups of the babies, she has 1 little black baby in this litter that I am just in love with. If it is a doe I very well may keep it.

In this pen we have Sammie ( from Fern's last litter - only Harlequin in the litter, doe), White Toe's ( from Cleo's last litter, buck), Pee Wee and Moose ( two babies I bought last month) and 1 left over from Spotted Momma's litter ( white buck). I am separating them out today and they will all be going into their own cages.
I am pretty disappointed as it turns out Pee Wee is not the buck that I thought, but instead a doe. I was really hoping that Pee Wee would be my replacement for Sir Poops A Lot but I guess I will just have to keep on searching!

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  1. Very nice bunnies! What do you do with all of the babies?

  2. Some of the babies are sold and some go to freezer camp :)

  3. We used to have rabbits, but when they passed on we moved on to urban chickens! It looks like you have quite an operation there. Thank you for visiting and commenting over on my blog. I've enjoyed looking through yours. Your fairy stitching blog is amazing.