Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Rabbit Hutch Construction Underway

Well let me start this post with the disclaimer that in no way, shape or form am I anything near being a carpenter. Little man and I started construction on the rabbit hutch late yesterday afternoon when he arrived home from school.

  The dimensions of this hutch are 6 foot wide by 12 foot long. It really is much straighter then it appears in the photos. On the front side it will have 4 pens that are 3 x 3 foot. On the rear side it will have 6 pens that are 2 x 3 foot.I will wire around the bottom of the hutch and that is where I will house some of my growing chicken population. If my math is correct the chicken area will have 72 sq feet of area and should allow me to house 6 to 8 chickens.

So far we have used 6 2x4x8's and 2 2x4x12's - I figure we will need at least 5 more 2x4x12's and then maybe 12 to 14 more 2x4x8's. That means I need to make another trip to the lumber yard for some more 12 footer's. It will be slow going on this hutch as it is only me and little man working on it. I hope the rain holds off this weekend so I can get some more work done on it.

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