Saturday, June 9, 2012

Our Flock Grows

         Our little flock is growing by leaps and bounds. I went to our local feed store yesterday to pick up some corn for the hogs, some hay and a bag of pellets for the bunnies and well they just happened to have an incubator full of baby Ameraucanas. I couldn't help myself so I bought 6 of them. At 1.50 each I thought it was a good deal - though I highly doubt they are  purebreds.

      It will be nice to see nest boxes full of green and blue eggs come fall. They are all supposed to be pullets , I hope the man was right.In other news I have picked out the spot that I want my first chicken yard to go.If this rain ever lets up I will be able to begin building it - though the weather forecast for next week says no rain - I sure hope they are right. 

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