Monday, June 25, 2012

Meet Pip and Pop

This is Pip and Pop at 7 weeks old. They are the Daughters of Spotted Momma, my broken Agouti Rex and Muffin my friend's gold tip steel Lop.These girls are so hard to tell apart. 

Above is Pip, she has one ear completely down and has more white on her than her sister does.

Pop's ear's kinda stick out to the side and she has a good bit of black over her back. These babies are the start of my Velvet Lop project. I also own their 1/2 brother Sir Poops A Lot. My 9 year old named him that as the whole trip home he left "presents" in her lap. 
These were the only spotted babies in the whole litter and 2 of the 3 that even displayed the tendency for the lop ears. Right now their momma is bred to Sir Poops and she is due on 7/6/12 - I am pretty excited to see what she has as I will be keeping a male from that litter to breed to Pip and Pop.

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