Sunday, August 5, 2012

A Finish and Rabbit Update

I have finally finished Sarah Hook. I must say that I am very please with how it turned out. Now I just have to get my truck fixed so that I can get down to Augusta to get it framed.

The little mystery kit from Cassie's litter turned out to be a tort - not sure if it is a blue tort or a black tort. It looks as though it might have little white toes :)

Fern's litter is doing great, lots of agouti's in this litter but also 3 lightly marked harlequins. Fern is such a wonderful momma :)

Here you can see that Fern is so exited to get scratches on her head. I just love the little harlequin kit that is beside her - I believe that it is a little buck (male). I am pretty sure the other two harlequins are females.

I love to sit and watch the bunnies play. Nothing makes me happier then sitting in my chair outside with a nice cup of coffee and my stitching while watching the babies. 

Speaking of stitching this is a long time UFO - matter of fact I had forgotten that I had even started it :) It is called Salem Sisters II and the designer is Plum Street Samplers.

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