Monday, December 17, 2012

Sammie x Pee Wee - New Litter

Sammie gave birth to 8 beautiful babies yesterday morning while I was out feeding the rabbits :) It is so neat to see a bun giving birth and it's not something that I get to witness very often. For the most part I think that buns have their babies in the dead of the night so I feel extra blessed when I get to see them give birth.

There are 2 nicely marked harlequins up in this litter. I have to say that I was expecting there to be more kits with nice harlequin markings as Pee Wee is pretty nicely marked. However I guess that for he most part this litter took after Sammie who is a very lightly marked Harlequin. We may end up keeping the two best from this litter but that will depend on available cage space too.

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