Saturday, January 19, 2013

Baby Bunnies

Here are a couple of the kits from the Hershey x Pee Wee breeding. Love this lilac colour , I have kept back 2 females from this litter. One is Hope who is a lilac vienna marked and the other is Hip Hop a solid lilac.I have plan on breeding them both back to Pee Wee this Spring in hopes of some lilac harlequins :) 

 Love this little tort vienna marked kit from the Sammie x Pee Wee breeding. It's a little doe and to boot it has 2 blue eye's :)We may end up keeping her if she does not sell.

This little Harlequin doe is so adorable. I love how no two look the same - even on the same side each side of the rabbit looks different :)

This upcoming month will be very busy here on the homestead as we have 8 litters planned for February. I really hope that all 8 does took as we have not had much luck this winter getting the does to take. I believe that I read somewhere that it has to do with the hours of daylight.

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